Saturday, 17 October 2015

Avoid Car Dents with These Five Useful Tips

There are few things more irritating than coming back from a busy day of work or a grocery run to find an obvious dent in the door of your car.While preventing dents entirely is all but impossible, a few simple guidelines can help avoid the most common problems and keep your automobile intact.Follow these tips to preserve your paint job.

Parking lots are one of the most common places to pick up dents, from other drivers and passengers carelessly opening their doors.Minimize the problem by choosing a parking space carefully. If possible, park away from other cars, and in corners or at the ends of rows. Without doors opening on either side of your own, it's less likely for someone to ding you when they're getting out or in.If the parking lot is crowded, try to park in a wider space, preferably between motorcycles, minivans with sliding doors, or smaller cars with shorter doors. Always park in as straight an angle as possible.

To increase your protection, consider investing in car door molding strips to trim your doors, if your car doesn't have them already.These strips are relatively cheap, and when placed along the seams of your car body, will be the first point of impact when someone swings their door too wide, absorbing the hit without taking the damage.

Another option, if you can,is to avoid the parking lot entirely and parallel park along the street.

Especially when you've parked somewhere new, always open your door slowly, rather than shoving it hard. In a parking lot, that will keep you from denting someone else's car.In other locations, it will stop you from banging the door on a high curb, an unnoticed telephone pole, or other obstacles.

Watch the weather.Strong winds can blow objects into a car, and hail is one of the worst natural causes of car damage.If there is a chance of storms, try to park in garage or sheltered space rather than outside. Always avoid parking under trees on windy days, or under oaks that may drop acorns.

Even if you take every precaution, it's still possible for a car to get dented through accidents of random chance.An auto body repair shop can fix any dent, and with many of the smaller everyday dings, a paintless dent repair will only a couple of hours, popping the bump back in place and keeping the original finish intact. Visit this website for more information on car dent repair in Raleigh.

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