Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why You Should Choose a European Specialized Car Repair Shop

Just like you wouldn’t go to an eye doctor if you have a heart problem, you shouldn’t take your European car to an American car repair shop. Choosing a European car shop ensures that your Mini Cooper, BMW, Audi or Volkswagen receives the quality care it needs to last you for as many miles as possible. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose a European specialized car repair shop.

1. Comfort

Few things are worse than taking your car to the mechanic only to have him or her not have any idea of what might be going wrong on under the hood or how to take care of it. Just like some senior citizens can’t even turn on a computer let alone send an email, mechanics that specialize in American or Japanese cars may not even be able to find the alternator on a European car.

By taking your European vehicle to a European mechanic, you can be comfortable that you’ve gone to the right place just as your mechanic can be comfortable that he or she knows what to do.

2. Specialized Certifications

Just as it’s better to take your car to a repair shop with ASE-certified mechanics, you should take your European automobile to a repair shop with mechanics who care enough about the work they do that they take out time to earn proper certification. Certifications to look for include AWE Tuning Authorized Dealer, Authorized Bosch Service Center and MoTeC Authorized Dealer. If you don’t see these or any certifications lining the walls of the shop or indicated on the shop’s website, you might want to look elsewhere.

3. Warranty

It’s good to opt for a European specialized car repair shop has a warranty or at least a guarantee on the work its mechanics perform. Warranties and guarantees are an indication that the shop stands behind its work with confidence. Another great thing about warranties is there’s less chance of you wasting money on poor repairs, which might lead to even more complications and money that you have to spend.

4. You Save Time

How inconvenient is it to be without your vehicle because it’s stuck at the auto shop being taken apart as the mechanics try to figure out what’s gone wrong? This scenario can be undoubtedly made worse if the mechanics don’t know what’s wrong with your vehicle and they aren’t familiar with the make and model of your vehicle.

Do what’s best for your sanity, your finances and your car by finding a reputable European specialized auto repair shop in your area. Visit this site for more information on a trusted car service shop in Los Altos.

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