Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Securing Your Sporting Equipment With Rack Systems

Rack systems can be an effective and versatile way to transport a wide variety of sporting equipment including bikes or hunting gear. Roof racks are especially flexible by offering more potential carrying configurations and more storage space.

Great rack systems can be hard to come by. Their modularity can make them one of the most versatile means of getting your gear into the field in good condition. With proper treatment, high quality systems should keep your gear secure for years to come.

Every variety of sporting goods requires special considerations to avoid damage and prolong its useful life. Bicycles require careful handling around the wheel and especially the spoke to keep them from bending under stress. Canoes require multiple solid mounting points to prevent over tightening that could result in dents. Other gear like firearms require the right packing materials and weather resistant carrying cases to keep them clean and dry.

Some systems are unable to deliver a variety of mounting positions and configurations along with locks that can keep your gear firmly in place. An additional consideration in selecting rack mounting systems is their combination of ergonomics and aerodynamics to easy on your joints and your gas tank. While each of theser features can be examined and compared individually, the union of all these characteristics can be essential to deliver the best possible performance in the widest array of use cases.

Getting your gear into the field can be a challenge. The particular sports and equipment you use can greatly influence which rack system and accessories suit your needs. For example, a pair of mountain bikes or a canoe can require much different hardware than climbing gear or hunting gear. Regardless of the gear used, choosing the right hardware can help ensure your equipment remains firmly attached to your vehicle over rough terrain or at high speed.

One of the most secure roof mounting systems uses a pair of tracks permanently mounted to the body of your vehicle for attaching crossbars or hard points. This dual track system is highly customizable, allowing you the freedom to attach whichever accessories or containers suit your unique needs. Because the tracks are set at a factory-defined width, they can accept virtually all common containers, tapered cross bars or locks.

At the end of the day, rack systems are designed to get your gear into the field undamaged. Locking systems specially suited and fitted to the equipment you are moving can be essential to keep all your equipment in one piece. Each and every component of your rack mounting system can be essential to the success of the system as a whole.

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